Offshore Fishing Charter in the Turks and Caicos

Marlin fishing Turks and Caicos
Offshore Fishing in the Turks and Caicos


When fishing in the Turks and Caicos, we are blessed with the proximity of deep blue water only a mile offshore. The islands of Providenciales, North Caicos, Middle Caicos and South Caicos are protected by a barrier reef that extends the length of this island chain.

Inside the reef trolling can raise large barracuda and snapper – but it is outside the reef that the real (REEL !!) action starts.

Onle a hundred yards off the reef, the bottom drops off steeply and quickly reaches a depth of a thousand feet. Another mile or so further and we are now fishing in over two thousand feet. This steep rise in bottom contours provides both an upswelling current that drives baitfish towards the surface and a natural barrier that corrals bait in close proximity to the reef.

Anytime you have good blue water, sustained currents and the right conditions for holding bait, you are likely to find marauding predators.

In a relatively narrow area therefore, fishing in the Turks and Caicos can offer a wide range of sporting action for billfish and other species such as Dorado, Wahoo and Tuna. The seasons vary based on mean water temperature and the migration of the individual species – but you can view our Fishing Calendar for the Turks and Caicos here.

Our charter fishing leaves out of Sandy Point Marina on North Caicos and it is a short ride from exiting the marina until we are in deep blue water and trolling for sportfish. The charter boat is captained by an experienced and certified captain with over 25 years experience running charter boats offshore as well as a mate to ensure that you catch fish! The boat is equipped with all of the latest electronics to chartplotters and depth sounders to VHF and emergency gear. It is inspected and certified for commercial charter fishing by the Turks and Caicos Marine Authority (DECR) with a license to carry up to six anglers.