DIY Bonefishing

Bonefishing in the Turks & Caicos can be expensive – but for anglers who have experience or just prefer to “find their own way”, there is another way………

We offer three alternatives for DIY Bonefishing:

Bonefish Lodge

Combine a single (or more) guided fishing with extra self-guided days. You are “educated” by the guide on the initial guided day where to most productively fish the following days while enjoying a fully guided outing and exploring the expansive flats.

Fisherman’s Cottage

The only DIY bonefishing option in the islands with a boat!

You stay in the cottage high above Bottle Creek and each day launch your boat  or kayaks to search the flats and mangroves of the creek for schools of bonefish

Fishing Kayaks and SUP’s

Well equipped with flyrod holders, cooler, anchor system and storage, the kayaks are ideal for pushing up high on the bank and then scouting out the mangroves of the East Bay in search of tailing bonefish

Fishing Kayaks available in 11&14ft sizes for flats fishing in the Turks and Caicos
Perfect for DIY bonefishing in the flats of the Turks and Caicos