Bonefishing Turks and Caicos in the Bottle Creek Reserve of North Caicos

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Some of the best Turks and Caicos Bonefishing can be found on the bonefish flats of Bottle Creek on North Caicos. Whether guided fishing for bonefish on the ankle deep flats or you prefer to try some self-guided fishing, there is easy access to the crystal clear water and hard wading bottom of Bottle Creek. The vast expanse of water ranging from mangroves to channels and small estuaries is largely unfished and bonefish are easily stalked. There are very few places in the world that you have a realistic chance at catching double-digit bonefish fly-fishing, but it happens on a regular basis on the pristine flats of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The productive flats are only minutes from embarking on the boat so you don’t waste a lot of time running around the shallow banks to get to water that consistently hold fish. This has the dual benefit of significantly lower fuel costs and so a less expensive bonefishing experience as well as more time out on the water actually fishing!

The bonefish tend to be mid-size fish of up to a few pounds when commuting the flats in schools . Larger bonefish can be found in singles and pairs cruising the flats and willing to take a fly. The bonefish have likely never seen a Crazy Charlie or a bonefish jig and so do not hestitate to investigate and can be quite aggressive especially when in pairs/threes and feeding.

Although many of the flats around the prime tourist Island of Providenciales are well known and well fished……we fish elsewhere…….

Where we Fly-Fish for Bonefish 

We are based on Bottle Creek in North Caicos and offer proximity to flats where the fish have never seen a fly or jig. Our boats range from custom made 16ft flats skiffs which are ideal for a guide and a single angler to larger Hewes or Sterling  flats boats. The skiffs  are fast and very shallow draft enabling quick access to the most productive water and a comfortable ride. The Hewes Bonefisher and Redfisher flats boats are larger and powered by 115-150Hp  outboards, and so are capable of running quickly over open water with two anglers on board and making it to flats that are further away and hardly ever seen by an angler.
In either of these options, we are able to take you to flats that offer fantastic wading and stalking of bonefish, and there will not be another angler in sight – in fact when Turks and Caicos Bonefishing on the flats surrounding Bottle Creek, you will be fishing water that has only been fished a handful of times in the whole year they are just so big !
The bonefish here are plentiful and aggressive feeders. Tides, season, moon and weather all play into their feeding patterns, so experience matters 

What size bonefish can I expect to see ??

When the tide is moving you can typically expect to see schools of bonefish in the 2-4lb class moving across the flats in search of a meal. Often when wading or poling across the flats you will see much larger fish either as singles or pairs cruising the shallow grass banks in search of crabs and small crustaceans. These fish can approach

double figures and can take you into your backing before you have time to adjust your drag. Make certain that your knots and line (or loop) connections are strong and there are no abrasions or nicks in the line as it doesn’t take much for these large bonefish to test your equipment to breaking!