Bonefishing Rates

Our bonefishing rates for fishing and flyfishing in the Turks and Caicos are some of the least expensive to be found. We offer a range of options from self-guided flyfishing to guided fishing charter on the flats and creeks of the islands contiguous to Providenciales.

The rate for a full day (7.30am – 2pm) is  $700 (plus 12% TCI tax)  for up to two guests. In peak season we are sometimes able to offer split charters if we have single anglers with some flexibility. In order to confirm a reservation, we ask for a $175 deposit by either c/card or paypal – with the balance in cash on the day.

Fishing licenses are required for all anglers in the Turks and Caicos – if you need a daily license, we can provide one on the day for a charge of $15

We run flats boats that need to capable of planing in only inches of water and so for this reason and also licensing/insurance – we have to limit the number of guests to two per boat and guide.

The options for fishing are very tide and weather dependent. We won’t book you unless the conditions are right to ensure a comfortable and productive fishing or flyfishing experience. We prefer to talk to you before you commit to a trip to try and make the best recommendations that we can to ensure that you enjoy your day on the flats of the Turks and Caicos Islands by matching your skill and experience level to the water that we fish.

Most of our bonefishing takes place on the tidal flats of North Caicos and the Bottle Creek area. This is a wide expanse of hard bottom flats that provide excellent wading and points of concentration. Bonefish can be found on all tides, although the favoured way to fish for them on a falling tide when they are coming down from the magroves high on the flats and following channels and cuts towards deeper water.

This period of the tide offers the potential to see large numbers of fish in moderate sized schools, but the challenge (there is always a challenge !) is to get their attention and make them feed while they are moving around quickly.

This can be an excellent time to try light tackle fishing for bonefish with small jigs – as they can be cast quickly and accurately, placing the jig with movement in front of the school.

Any motion is likely to draw their attention but you have to try and imbue some competition into the group to force a strike.

Wading on the flats of North Caicos when the tide is low means ankle deep water and plenty of opportunities to spot tails from afar.